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We are proud to ărovide the best quality impact windows and doors from top manufacturers in the USA to our customers throughout Miami, FL  . We have the most affordable prices for windows and doors available in Florida today. if you have additional questions? Visit our FAQ page

Impact windows Miami are offered by ABEX Impact Windows window and doors Miami and result in having one of the most secure hurricane rated windows in the market. These impact windows Miami will offer homeowners in Florida great protection from hurricanes and bad weather. We make sure to install the Impacts windows Miami in a way that will provide a tight seal between your home and the weather outside.

When faced with the decision of choosing a company to work for your Impact windows Miami, the foundation that holds your home together after a hurricane you want to make sure the service is done right. We understand that choosing quality over price is what will hold your home together in instances like these. We offer great service and great prices because we believe in doing something right once instead of wasting money and time having to do it again.

If you are looking for an alternative to installing hurricane shutters or wooden windows, then installing Impact windows Miami is an option to consider. We can provide you with different colored of window frames, crank open windows and we also can change the size of your window frame as small as a 32-inch wide up to a maximum of 210 inches wide.

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