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We are proud to provide the best quality impact windows and doors from top manufacturers in the USA to our customers throughout Coral Gables, FL  . We have the most affordable prices for windows and doors available in Florida today. if you have additional questions? Visit our FAQ page

If you own property in Coral Gables and live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, it’s essential to keep your home or business protected from these weather-related disasters. Impact windows installed by ABEX Impact Windows is a great way to do so.

Miami’s climate has a lot to offer, but unfortunately it also faces some weather problems. Coral Gables is no stranger to hurricane season and having impact windows Miami can help you protect your home as much as possible. These are not just any other type of window but instead they are fitted with Aluminum Clad Laminated Glass which is created by using two different materials: one being a clear impact resistant glass and the other being various types of metal (aluminum and vinyl). Having these installed on your home can help keep flying debris from entering your home, especially if they get broken and since it will lessen the chance of them shattering

The Florida homeowners who have undergone Impact Windows installation in Coral Gables are able to enjoy hurricane weather or any strong winds with great confidence that their windows will not fail them. They make this happen by spending only a few minutes to properly plan their strategy that focuses on installing windows that will not be able to easily crack during strong wind and hurricane weather.»

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